I have always had dry skin but during pregnancy it gets even more parched, so I had to really dial up my hydration. I added in some extra layers like Jojoba oil (The Jojoba Company)and I started taking off my cream cleanser with a Sante By Enjo pad. I know they’re supposed to be used without product, but found the slight grip removed any flakiness on my skin and prepped it better for the products to follow. I also switched to a silk pillowcase (Slip). I must admit, I’d had them for years and never really tried them properly, thinking they wouldn’t make that much of a difference. How wrong I was! I saw a huge difference in my skin and hair so I’ve kept that up.

I always avoid retinol and salicylic acid when I’m pregnant which are pretty widely considered no-nos. I also steer clear of most essential oils. I know a lot of them are fine, but I could never really figure out which was which, so when in doubt I would just leave it out! To be honest, I didn’t ever worry too much when it came to studying ingredients. If it was a really active product I’d have a look, but the products I use in general are mostly nourishing.

Natural Vs Synthetics during pregnancy
I’ve always been a mix of both. Having been a beauty editor for many, many years I’ve tried a lot of products. Whether it’s natural or synthetic, if I’m going to use it or apply it, I really want it to work. That’s my main consideration. But if there’s a choice between two really great, hard working products and one is better for the environment, I’ll choose that. I love brands that are environmentally friendly, with refillable elements and recyclable packaging. When you’ve used as many products as I have, you take those things seriously.

To be honest, in each of my pregnancies my obstetricians have been pretty low-key about beauty ingredients. They knew I had a good grasp on which actives to avoid, the questions I asked were mostly around if I could take Panadol or stuff for coughs and colds. I did actually ask more about supplements this pregnancy, as beauty powders are so popular now. They were pretty much all fine to take in moderation but they are something I think women should definitely check with their medical expert, as there are many on the market.

I definitely relaxed more with each child! With my first I was really worried about getting my hair coloured and much more concerned about my skincare. With my second and third I was a lot more relaxed, mostly because I had already done the research. I knew what to avoid, but also, I had a lot less time to dedicate to my beauty routine anyway. It was so streamlined, there wasn’t much to worry about.

I hope most women know to check with their medical experts if they’re unsure about something. Something I do think is misleading, are products that promise you’ll completely avoid stretch marks by using them. Sure, if you keep your skin supple that will certainly help, but my understanding and experience is that if you are going to get them, you’ll get them! Women shouldn’t spend bucketloads on wonder products and then feel like they’ve failed when they end up with stretch marks. I’ve styled supermodels with stretch marks! So many women* do get them. Instead, I’d encourage women to focus on finding something that they really enjoy applying so that it’s a beautiful sensorial experience.
*With all my pregnancies, I got stretch marks in the last few DAYS! With my first, I thought I’d skipped them all together. Then just, just before he was born I found stretch marks. Same happened with the other two kids as well. Everyone is different.

Dermaviduals Suusmoon Lotion N – this spray is amazing! I have dry AND dehydrated skin and this helps sort dehydration. It’s a game changer.
The Jojoba Company Jojobal Oil – not all oils are are created equal. This one actually sinks in without any residue (I love oils but hate a greasy finish). I love it under my moisturiser in the day (and night!)
Jurlique Replenishing Cleansing Lotion and Oil – I can’t choose – they’re both beautiful – so I alternate them. This brand actually hails from my home-state, and I’ve visited the farm where they grow lots of their botanical ingredients. These cleaners are pure joy.
Slip Silk Pillowcase – I can’t believe the difference this has made. I wake up and my skin doesn’t feel tight. I love that my (extremely frizzy) hair was smooth in the mornings too.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair– this is my all-time beauty serum. Maybe even my all-time product! I’ve used it for decades and it was especially handy during pregnancy when my skin needed all the hydration it could get.
Weleda Skin Food – this super thick cream was a fantastic barrier at night. Weleda has lots of pregnancy specific products that are really lovely. A great brand for pregnancy.
Avene Tolerance Creme– I’m a huge Avene fan! This cream is extra thick and I used it in the day when I felt like my skin was really struggling. Their mist is amazing too, both for hot and cold months.
Ipsum Body Oil – this was my body oil of choice during my whole pregnancy and postpartum too. It’s texture is divine, and while it feels luxurious and thick, it actually glides and sinks in fast leaving skin ultra-soft. I am obsessed with the smell too.
Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Eye Patches – I had terrible pregnancy insomnia this time! I feel like i’m almost sleeping better now that the baby has arrived. I applied a pair of these patches every single morning after my shower and it soothed my tired eyes. The only problem was when I forgot to take them off when I left the house. Awkward!
Eco Tan Cacao tanning mousse– a really fantastic natural fake tan! It is so easy to apply and dries fast so you can put on clothes and wear it in the day. I do that all the time.

Kevin murphy Crystal Angel – this hair mask is incredible. I have very, very knotty hair which is dialled up during pregnancy. I used this every few days and it made a huge difference to the texture of my hair.
Flower Beauty Foundation– I’ve had to stream-line my makeup big time post-babies and this has become an absolute staple. It’s just the right amount of coverage with a lovely dewy finish.
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage – my concealer of choice since the early 2000s!! The dual shades and textures mean I can use one or both depending on whether i’ve applied fake tan or not.
Benefit Hoola bronzer and Hoola Lite – I love these matte bronzers and i use both the full-strength and lighter shades. Either to contour or just to quickly sweep over my face depending on how much colour i want.

I was really, really tired with this third pregnancy. It took me by surprise, I was much more exhausted than I was with my other two. Could be that I had two little boys running around, but I do think every pregnancy is different. Because I was so flat, I didn’t spend all that much time on my beauty routine. After Andie was born I felt far more energised, despite the lack of sleep. That burst of energy gave me some motivation to delve back into my beauty bag and once I did, I felt really pepped up.

There’s not a lot of routine when it comes to beauty! Instead, if I have the time, I grab it. One thing I do prioritise is having a bath. I love, love, love my bath. During pregnancy I had a bath every, single night. It actually meant I made time for sheet masks too, so my face and body (and mind!) were all benefiting from it.
I especially love enzyme masks and the bath is the perfect time with all the steam. If I have time for a little makeup in the mornings too, that would be a bonus.

I was delighted to be interviewed by Sarah Tarca for the site, on the beauty products I used during my third pregnancy.

The below is the extended interview! Thanks for having me Sarah.


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