The Spotlight Is On Us!

I was playing around with my laminator in The Festive Co Studio when this idea came to me. Why not laminate confetti for a fun, wipeable and reusable party placemat!?
It’s so easy and simple to create, you can reuse them OR cut the placemats up into book marks, little swing tags and more.

Step one: Take your laminator sheet and some confetti. For this project, I’m placing it directly into the sheet because I liked the idea of some parts being clear, but for younger creatives, you could glue the confetti onto a sheet of paper for easier handling.
Step two: Layer your confetti onto the open laminator sheet. This is a bit more delicate than it looks, because a lot of confetti is folded, or stuck to other pieces. You don’t have to be too fussy, but pull apart some pieces and try to spread out the colours.
Step three: Close the laminator sheet so that the confetti is covered on both sides. The confetti will move around a bit so you have to be slow and steady and you prepare to place it into the laminator.
Step four: Feed the sealed end into the laminator and as it’s starting to move through you can push some stray bits of confetti into the sheet.

Step five: Once you have your shiny sheet, trim any excess pieces of confetti that are hanging over the edge of the placemat. I personally love the little bits peeking out, but if you want to reuse the placemats for future parties, a clean edge is best.
Step six: You can personalise each one by adding sticky letters! These Party Creator glitter letters are easily removed after the party.

That’s it! Then you can style up your party placemats however you like. I went with loads of colour, delish cupcakes for every guest (why not!) and all the trimmings. If you’re going to celebrate, do it in style!

We are thrilled to be featured in Spotlight Store’s Make It Month. They kindly gifted us all the goodies we needed to whip two fun party-themed DIYs. Read on to see what we created, then check out all the other projects! So. Much. To. Make.



Funnily enough, I’m one of those people who are terrified of balloons popping. But my kids definitely are not! So I knew they would love the idea of fortune balloons with a special message hidden inside. This would also be so fun for New Years’ Eve celebrations, creating fun fortunes for the year ahead.

Step one: Choose your balloon – I went with black ones because it feels the most surprise-y – then write your message/fortune/ or even a joke, and roll it up tightly, then press it into the balloon.
Step two: take some other goodies, whether it’s confetti, scatters or glitter and press that in also. For the confetti, I layered each piece on top of each other, rolled them all tightly as one, then pushed them into the deflated balloon and shook it to make sure the confetti was in.
Step 3: Blow up your balloon, giving it a shake to make sure all the elements have separated inside. You’ll hear them fluttering around!
Step 4: Decorate your balloon! This could be with sticky letters like these Thickers stickers or by writing on the balloon in a chalk marker. Add streamers and ribbon for an extra festive vibe! I used the ribbons and streamers from the Sparty’s 7 Piece Confetti Balloon Kit. You could absolutely use that balloon in the kit with helium too! That’s a great option for bigger kids and grown ups.
Step 5: Once decorated, it’s time for the fortune reveal! POP!

Thank you to Spotlight for featuring us and kindly gifting us with everything we needed to make these DIYs. For more ideas from Make It Month, head to