How to make a Fun Jar

Yes you can beat the 'i'm bored!s' from the kids. all you need is a diy fun jar filled with easy, cheap ideas they love.

The Festive Co Freebie

The Fun Jar - or bored jar as they are often called - is simple! You  brainstorm with the kids and write down a bunch of activity, craft project or adventure ideas on strips of paper, fold them up and pop them in a jar! They could be as simple as 'water play' 'bubble day' or 'making biccies' to 'make a drum kit out of the recycling bin' or 'a trip to the zoo'. You can control the list!
We've made a list to start you off as well as labels so you can decorate an  old food jar.
then when the kids say they're bored, or if you need some school holidays inspo - you're already sorted!

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